About designKerkman

Admit it—you judge books by their cover and products by their packaging or advertising. It’s okay!

This is how we are able to find what we need or want while being bombarded by more information than we can process or use in a lifetime every day. We need furniture polish at the store, but there are five or ten different ones to choose from. All will likely do the job okay, but we don’t know that when we are standing there. So we have to make decisions based on what we can quickly take in looking at the bottles on the shelf. If a friend has made a recommendation we may try a certain one over the others, but without that we have only the packaging and price to use to make our decision. Discerning shoppers will read deeper into the label to weed out products with certain chemicals or find the one that is specifically formulated for their application. The final decision is being made based on the information and overall impression carried in the packaging. Other marketing like magazine ads will also get the essential information through.

Many people hate marketing and advertising, but only because it is so difficult to know if the information presented is accurate. Many have been burned by advertisers who have misrepresented products and so they have learned not to trust ads or salespeople. It still remains true that the only way to connect people to the things or experiences that they need or want is through marketing, advertising, design. Even word of mouth is a form of advertising. It is the product that is distinct, unique and attractive that will get the attention.

I started loving storytelling, writing, making movies, drawing and painting as a teenager and was drawn to Graphic Design by this need for our society to communicate with engaging imagery and interesting stories. designKerkman is dedicated to my design work. I have other sites for my fine art: paintings and photography.

I am dedicated to the idea that to get through to people you must stand out from the crowd. You must be unique. To look like everyone else and act like everyone else is camouflage. That’s not a good way to get attention. At the same time you must fit with your target audience, so a fine balance must be acheived between looking different, finding your own voice, and appealing to your audience. This is the mindset I bring to every project, always wanting to make the next one better than the last. I am always exploring, learning new things about design, marketing, the internet. I don’t consider any project “beneath” me. If it isn’t important to you, why are you looking to do it? If it is important to you, then it deserves as much attention to the design and details as the big, dramatic, expensive campaign. And you must be in this process—it isn’t about me, so I need your involvement for us to be successful.

What I look for in you is the belief in the principles here and the opportunity for me to try to do something great for you. You are someone who wants to stand out and who understands that graphic design is not just decoration and needs to do more than just state the facts. You understand that what I do is lend you a distinct image and a personality that will engage your audience, but your voice is central to this. This is the essential quality that has made brands like Apple or Harley-Davidson so successful. They dared to think and be different from the rest.